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Bike bags and panniers

Overade LOXI 4L - Sac vélo inviolable - OveradeOverade LOXI 4L - Sac vélo inviolable - Overade
Overade LOXI 9L - Sac vélo inviolable - OveradeOverade LOXI 9L - Sac vélo inviolable - Overade
Secure bike bag - LOXI 9L Sale price€90,00
Overade LOXI 15L - Sacoche inviolable porte-bagages vélo - OveradeOverade LOXI 15L - Sacoche inviolable porte-bagages vélo - Overade
Overade, lauréat au salon du vélo Eurobike 2023 avec OxiTurn et OxiBrake - Overade

Overade, winner at Eurobike 2023 with OxiTurn and OxiBrake

Be inspired by our award at the prestigious Eurobike trade fair. Don't miss the chance to find out all about the outstanding OxiTurn and Oxibrake products and take advantage of a special offer to c...

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2023 -  Oxi va vélorutionner votre visibilité - Overade

2023 - Oxi will make you more visible

The year 2022 is coming to an end... Overade wishes everyone a very happy 2023 filled with joy, health, but also mobility! On our side, 2022 has been a year rich in innovation with the arrival o...

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Making Off de la pub de notre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake Starter - Overade

Making Off of the advertisement for our OxiBrake Starter brake warning

Overade is expanding its range of products dedicated to soft mobility with an innovation that should interest you: a reliable and easy-to-use brake warning.

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Secure your equipment and accessories with our waterproof and anti-theft bags

Bike bags are essential accessories for any “cyclist” who wants to carry belongings when traveling by bike. These bags are particularly important for cyclists who use their bike for daily commuting, whether for work or at home.

Bicycle bags allow you to transport objects safely and conveniently, while improving the comfort of the cyclist.

Check out our selection of LOXI bike bags to find the bag that best suits your needs.

How to choose a bike bag? First criterion: Capacity

Bike bags come in a variety of sizes and capacities. If you are looking for a bag for long journeys, opt for our large capacity bag which can hold a lot of things without closing the bag making you think of closing a suitcase on the day you go on vacation!

Capacity is an important criterion to take into account when choosing a bicycle bag,because, of course, this determines how much stuff you can carry on your bike trips.

Our bike bags are available in several sizes offered in versions ranging from 4 to 15Lto best meet your needs.

Our most generous version of our bike bag range allows you to transport many objects or packages. Doing your food shopping is made easier, but it is also true in a cycling context where you need to be able to store a laptop, a tablet, a notepad, files, clothing, your bike helmet, etc.

The second criterion: Waterproofing

It's hard to imagine only riding a bike on sunny days! So yes, at one point or another we will have to face rain and a few storms.Make sure you choose a waterproof bike bag to protect your belongingshumidity as offered by the bicycle bags in our LOXI range. Our LOXI waterproof bike bags keep all your belongings dry. The roll-up closure system and waterproof material of the bike bags protect your belongings against water, splashes, snow and mud, giving your electronic devices the protection they need. By choosing a LOXI waterproof bicycle bag, you can ride with confidence and keep your belongings well protected, whatever the weather conditions.

The third criterion for choosing a bike bag: Safety

Safety is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a bike bag.Bike bags should be designed to protect your belongings and ensure their safety throughout your journeys but also when your bike is parked unattendedat one point. Our premium quality LOXI bags are equipped with secure closing systems.

The security of our bicycle bags does not stop only at the level of thesaddlebag closing system! In fact allOverade bike bags are made up of two coverings, one waterproof and the other anti-cutwhich offers a level of protection rarely offered on the market. Trying to surreptitiously slash a LOXI bag with a cutter to steal its contents is impossible. In fact, the anti-cut coating we use is 40% more resistant than Kevlar!

In addition to these safety elements, LOXI bicycle luggage bags are also equipped with an anti-tear system.

With LOXI your belongings will remain safe and protected from thieves.

Another selection criterion: Ease of installation

Make sure the bike bag you choose is easy to install and remove from your bike. Panniers that attach easily to the bicycle luggage rack are the most practical. The luggage rack version of the LOXI bike bag attaches to the luggage rack of your bike via hook-and-loop straps and hooks. By opting for a bicycle bag that is easy to install and use, you can enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free cycling experience, and save time and energy to concentrate on your ride.

Visibility, the argument not to be forgotten

Visibility is an important aspect to consider when choosing a bike bag, as it improves your safety on the road. Bicycle bags should be easily visible to other road users, especially when riding in low light conditions or in the dark.

LOXI bike bags are equipped with a reflective logo which offers you passive visibilityon the road in addition to your other lighting devices.

Generally speaking, improving your visibility and signaling your presence to other road users, whether actively or passively, is always positive when seeking to improve safety, particularly in areas with heavy traffic or in areas unfavorable weather conditions.

Last criterion for choosing a bag or bike bag: Durability

Bicycle bags used in an urban context are subjected to severe tests. Friction and shocks are part of the life of bike bags, which is far from a long, quiet river. And of course we expect our business to remain intact despite all these hazards!

Saddlebags must be able to withstand shocks, scratches and bad weatherAlso durability is an important factor to consider when choosing a bike bag.

A durable, high-quality bicycle bag should be able to withstand years of heavy use and provide great long-term value.

By opting for a robust and resistant LOXI bicycle bag, you can be sure that your belongings will remain well protectedduring your bike rides, even in the difficult conditions of urban cycling.