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TURN - Tutorials

How to charge the Turn?

Lift the silicone cap at the bottom of the product and plug in a Micro-USB B cable, like the one supplied with the product. The TURN works with conventional 5V USB charging.

How to start Hazard lights?

Press both buttons simultaneously.

How do I know the remaining battery level?

Each time you turn on the product, the central LED gives you an indication of the battery level: green, there is enough battery remaining. Red, it's time to think about recharging it.

How to install the metal plate on a helmet?

The metal plate attaches with its integrated 3M tape to a smooth surface of an urban helmet. If you don't have a smooth surface, look at our "universal fastener".

How to pair a Turn with an OxiMote?

You can connect up to 5 remote controls (OxiMote / OxiBrake combined) to the same lighting.

How to pair a Turn with an OxiBrake?

You can connect up to 5 remote controls (OxiMote / OxiBrake combined) to the same lighting. Please note, the Turn only has the "Stop Light" function and not "Headlight Flash" because it only has red lighting.

How to change / turn off the turn signal sound?

With the lighting "off", press the power button and hold it until you hear a "beep" or after 5s. Then you can release, the next sound mode is engaged and saved. There are 3 modes: normal, strong, off. Continue the manipulation to return to the original mode.

How to put a Turn at the front?

The Turn does not have white light, only red and the indicators. But you can deactivate the red light, and reverse the direction of the indicators to hang it on the front of a Bike. See below.

How to delete pairings / return Turn to factory mode?

The reset function allows the lighting to “forget” the pairing with the OxiBrake or OxiMote remote controls. It also resets the lighting (sound in normal mode, etc.) To do this, start pairing, and press the button 3x quickly once the LED in the center starts flashing orange.

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