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Overade, lauréat au salon du vélo Eurobike 2023 avec OxiTurn et OxiBrake - Overade

Overade, winner at Eurobike 2023 with OxiTurn and OxiBrake

Be inspired by our award at the prestigious Eurobike trade fair. Don't miss the chance to find out all about the outstanding OxiTurn and Oxibrake products and take advantage of a special offer to c...

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2023 -  Oxi va vélorutionner votre visibilité - Overade

2023 - Oxi will make you more visible

The year 2022 is coming to an end... Overade wishes everyone a very happy 2023 filled with joy, health, but also mobility! On our side, 2022 has been a year rich in innovation with the arrival o...

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Making Off de la pub de notre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake Starter - Overade

Making Off of the advertisement for our OxiBrake Starter brake warning

Overade is expanding its range of products dedicated to soft mobility with an innovation that should interest you: a reliable and easy-to-use brake warning.

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Some essential accessories for urban cyclists

Whether you are a passionate cyclist (seasoned?) or a regular user of your bike for traveling around town or going to work (vélotaf), our selection of high-quality accessories will meet your needs.

We've rounded up urban bike accessories to improve your riding experience, enhance your safety, and make your commute more convenient and enjoyable.

We are convinced that our selection will meet your needs, whether you are looking for a transport bag, lights for your bike, a lock, or any other urban bike accessory. Browse our selection to find the best accessories for your city bike.

Bike phone holder

Nowadays, as we live in a hyper-connected world, bicycle phone holders are practical and essential accessories for all urban cyclists.

They allow you to keep your phone within reach and in complete safety while traveling around town by bike.

You will find a market reference in our “Bicycle accessories” category. Available in three sizes of protective pouch, you will now be able to follow the route suggested by your guidance tool on your phone as best as possible without ever having to handle your smartphone again. Finally both your hands will remain on your handlebars!

Anti-pollution mask

Pollution in large cities primarily impacts people who work outdoors such as commuters, bicycle delivery men or athletes.

Our high-quality Frogmask anti-pollution bicycle mask is the solution to protect your health when cycling in the city. The anti-pollution mask is specially designed to protect urban cyclists against fine particles, air pollution, allergens and irritants such as dust and exhaust fumes.

They are also comfortable to wear, with an easy fit for long-term wear. The mask offers an affordable solution for those looking to protect their health and well-being while continuing to enjoy their passion for urban cycling.

Bike skirt clip

Staying feminine when cycling is not always easy. Particularly when the zephyr pushes the trade winds under your skirt which, in addition to making your underwear visible to everyone, can be particularly dangerous if you urgently try to pull down your skirt!

We offer you the best solution to address all these difficulties:The skirt clip specially designed for cycling. Our bicycle skirt clip is an ideal choice.

Our skirt clip is a handy accessory for women who wear skirts or dresses, holding your clothes in place while pedaling.It is easy to useand fits most bikes, making it ideal for city commuting.

With our skirt clip, you can enjoy your bike rides without having to worry about your clothing... and the force of the wind.

Bike spoke reflectors and reflective helmet stickers

Bike spoke reflectors and reflective bike helmet stickers are important safety accessories for any cyclist.

In fact, they make the cyclist more visible to motorists and other road users when it is dark or in low light.Bike spoke reflectors are easy to installand can be attached to the spokes of your bike's wheels, while theReflective bicycle helmet stickers can be stuck on the helmetof the cyclist.

In addition to the security aspect, these two products are an opportunity to add a little touch of personalization. No, you are not just a number!

Find our selection without further delay.

Bike bell

The bell is an essential accessory for any cyclist who wants to communicate effectively with pedestrians, other cyclists or motorists. We offer you a classic bell perfect for your bike trips in the city. It is easy to use and does not require a battery.

Regarding bicycle bells, you must not forget that the highway code requires the presence of a sound horn on your bicycle.