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Mother's Day: one helmet = one free light


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“We believe in humanity. We believe in the value of every step, every turn of the wheel, and every daily choice.”

Innovators at heart. French engineers with a creative spirit

Powerful products thattruly meet your needs

For a world of tomorrow, made up of modern and responsible lifestyles

A singular encounter between two enthusiasts

In the frantic race of life, there are encounters that change everything. Like the one in 2012 between two passionate souls that gives birth to innovation.

On one side, Philippe, a fearless engineer, immersed in the automotive industry. On the other side, Clément, a business world adventurer, a globe-trotter in search of a healthy and exciting market.

To finally break down the barriers of mobility

The spark of creativity ignited. Philippe and Clément, with their visionary minds, conceived the brilliant idea of a foldable helmet.

The first revolutionary innovation in a lineage that continues, ensuring every journey is synonymous with pleasure, safety, and freedom.


The road to sustainability startswith a choice

The choice of our means of transport is much more than a simple decision. It's a powerful act that reflects our values and our way of life.

Our deepest desire is to help you become the ambassadors of change, by equipping your creative & entrepreneurial minds with the best possible products. So, every day, you too have the power to inspire others to make the right choices.


We use the best premium materials for your safety: EPS, simili-Kevlar, or reinforced ABS-PC


The real needs of users are our driving force: working with you to find solutions to everyday problems on the move


Because a product with style is the best way to make sure you use it with pleasure and pride every day!


Our products are all highly technical: patented folding, force sensors from the medical industry, remote radio frequency communication, and much more

Tests & tests

Our products are tested again and again, in real-life conditions and by beta testers


Every day, our products are there for you, providing protection and support. Each morning starts with Overade as I unfold my helmet, switch on my lights, and secure my bag. And an urban adventure begins.

Best Foldable Helmet

2015 - PLIXI

Now a must-have, the folding helmet. One of a kind in the world, with a French design and patent. Volume divided by 3 in 2 seconds. Certified helmet EU & USA.

A product co-designed in Paris by designer Patrick Jouffret and Philippe Arrouart, founder and expert engineer. Continue the adventure by adopting the Plixi!

Anti-cut Bag

2018 - LOXI

Loxi bag and bike bag, a revolution in the world of bike accessories. A unique French solution that combines security, practicality and style.

Designed with an ingenious locking system, a 4-digit padlock, and a double waterproof and anti-cut coating, Loxi keeps your stuff safe, outside. A world patent, for a unique product.

Bike Helmet Indicators

2020 - BLINXI

Designed to offer improved visibility, Blinxi is a helmet light with remote-controlled indicators, making turns safer. Its minimalist design and magnetic attachment system make it an essential accessory for city dwellers concerned about safety and style.

With a world patent to its credit, Blinxi is much more than just a light - it's a revolution in urban travel. Its advanced versions are the recent Overade Lum and Overade Turn.

Bike Brake Light

2022 - OxiBrake

A complete system of brake lights and indicators, as well as several powerful, remotely controllable bike lights.

In 2022, Overade made a significant mark with the introduction of Oxi-Wireless technology, a real breakthrough in terms of cyclist safety. This range offers numerous options, from simple lighting to remote control of left/right indicators, allowing you to customize your lighting network to suit your needs.

Helmet with integrated light

2024 - LIFE Helmet

Equipped with our Oxi-Wireless technology, the LIFE helmet is a resolutely urban helmet with ultra-bright lighting. You'll be able to warn drivers in complete safety when braking or changing direction.

Available for pre-order here

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