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Le casque Abus Hyp-E intègre OXI® Wireless ! - Overade

The Abus Hyp-E helmet incorporates OXI® Wireless!

Le casque Abus Hyp-E intègre OXI® Wireless ! - Overade

The Abus Hyp-E helmet incorporates OXI® Wireless!

Discovery of the new Abus Hyp-E bicycle helmet The world of cycling is constantly evolving, and safety innovations are essential to protect cyclists. The Abus Hyp-E bicycle helmet, the newborn ...

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Un éco-système qui change la donne : OXI® Wireless - Overade

A game-changing eco-system: OXI® Wireless

With OXI-Wireless, our vision is clear: intelligently simplify for optimal reliability on the road. No complexity, no risk. At night, cyclists are often victims of serious accidents due to misinter...

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Le vélo électrique pliant : Révolutionnez votre mobilité en ville - Overade

The folding electric bike: Revolutionize your mobility in the city

The revolution of folding electric bikes in the modern urban landscape is undeniable. These VAEs, equipped with a foldable frame and a powerful electric motor, align with the eco-responsible objec...

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2024 -  OXI® Wireless, va vélorutionner votre visibilité - Overade

2024 - OXI® Wireless, will velorupt your visibility

OXI® Wireless is a technology developed by Overade. It enables several bicycle lighting devices to communicate with each other. This means you can control one or more day/night, red, white and indi...

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Vélo Électrique vs. VAE : Comment Faire le Bon Choix ? - Overade

Electric Bike vs. VAE: How to Make the Right Choice?

Discover the ultimate guide to choosing between e-bike and e-bike - make the perfect choice for your lifestyle!

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Idées Cadeaux Saint-Valentin : Pour les Amoureux du Vélo - Overade

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For Bike Lovers

Helping readers find the perfect gift for their cycling partner as Valentine's Day approaches.

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Casque Trottinette Électrique : Visière ou Non ? - Overade

E-scooter helmet: Visor or not?

Safe riding of an electric scooter requires careful selection of the helmet. Adding a visor to an electric scooter helmet enhances protection against the elements.

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Le Port du Casque à Vélo en France en 2024 - Overade

Wearing helmets on bicycles in France in 2024

In 2024, the debate persists in France over the wearing of bicycle helmets, restricted to children under the age of 12. The rejection of an extension raises questions about the balance between road...

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Les Aides pour le Vélo en 2024 : Prime Velo - Overade

Aid for Cycling in 2024 in France: Prime Velo

Overade presents the latest updates of the Government Bicycle Plan, with an envelope of 2 billion euros between 2023 and 2027. Now, in 2024, purchasing aid includes second-hand bicycles, offering n...

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Making Off de la pub de notre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake Starter - Overade

Making Off of the advertisement for our OxiBrake Starter brake warning

Overade is expanding its range of products dedicated to soft mobility with an innovation that should interest you: a reliable and easy-to-use brake warning.

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