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BLINXI & BLOOM lightings

What are the differences between Blinxi and Bloom lighting?

The only difference between Blinxi and Bloom lights is their attachment system: Blinxi lights are removable thanks to their magnetic attachment system. The Bloom light is permanently attached to a helmet using the 3M double-sided adhesive on the back. 


Which helmet models are the Blinxi and Bloom compatible with?

They fit most helmets. If you can stick the Blinxi metal mount to your helmet, that means you'll be able to use it. Here are the dimensions of the metal helmet mount: 2.3 cm high x 6 cm wide. The Bloom has a double-sided 3M liner approximately 2.3 cm high x 6 cm wide. 


How many LEDs are there in Blinxi and Bloom?

Blinxi and Bloom have 4 red LEDs and 2 orange LEDs for the indicators. In total, the device has 6 LEDs. 


What type of battery is needed for the remote control and how do I change it?

You need a 2032 battery to use the remote control. This battery is supplied in the box when you receive your product. It can be replaced by removing the 3 screws at the back of the remote using a Phillips screwdriver. Everything is indicated in the product instructions.


Can I deactivate the audio reminder?

The audio reminder can be turned off by the user. The procedure is very simple: with your Blinxi or Bloom light switched off, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 4 seconds until you hear a beep. This indicates that the audio reminder has been modified (deactivated or reactivated). Do the same to reactivate it. 


Are Blinxi and Bloom waterproof?

Yes, we've paid a great deal of attention to this particular point, because we know that users also drive on rainy days. For us, it's an essential feature! 


Are they just for cyclists?

No. Blinxi and Bloom are made for everyone. These days, there are many more ways of getting around town: electric scooters, monoroue, skateboards... All these users, as well as cyclists, need to be visible in traffic. And they also need to be able to point in the right direction, so that they are more predictable and therefore safer. Blinxi and Bloom are aimed at all road users, whatever their mode of transport.


What is the maximum diameter of the handlebars on which the Blinxi or Bloom remote control can be placed?

We chose elastic straps to attach the remote control because we knew that this would be the most universal way of doing it. But we've innovated by offering the option of using 2 straps instead of just one to make sure our remote control fits any handlebar. That said, you'll be able to attach your remote to handlebars up to 32 mm in diameter without any problem.


Can I adjust the intensity of the light on the Blinxi and Bloom?

Unfortunately it’s not possible. We have made a choice by offering 3 different lighting modes (fixed, flashing and daylight) but without adjusting the intensity, as this would have considerably increased the price of the products.


Can Blinxi and Bloom be used all day long?

Of course you can! We've created these products so that you can be visible but also predictable in traffic. And that's what day mode is for. When using this mode, only the indicators are activated and they are bright enough to be seen. So using Blinxi and Bloom in day mode will allow you to indicate your direction while driving, which will be much safer.


As for their autonomy, it all depends on the lighting mode selected:

  • Flashing mode: 10H
  • Fixed mode: 8H
  • Day mode: +24H

Is it possible to buy additional helmet mounts so that Blinxi and Bloom can be used with several helmets?

Yes, you can. We sell sets of extra mounts on our website.


Since Blinxi is attached to the bracket magnetically, is there a risk of losing it?

The Blinxi attachment system is patented. It's a combination of magnetism and mechanical fixing. So, with the combination of the 2, we are confident enough to tell you that if the stand is correctly stuck to the helmet (and especially not upside down) and Blinxi is correctly attached to the stand (see owner’s manual), there is no risk of loss.


Have you added a charger to the Blinxi and Bloom box?

No, there is no charger in the box. Just a USB cable. Simply because we didn't think it was necessary to add another charger to your daily life, to make you pay more for such an item that most of you already have and to preserve the environment by not providing an unnecessary device.