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Mother's Day: one helmet = one free light


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Offer bike & cyclist products for Black Friday, Christmas, a birthday or simply to treat yourself...

Christmas is just around the corner and before the big day, Overade transforms into an elf to blow you away. gift ideas to place under the tree for your favorite cyclist(s) for the end of year celebrations.

Useful and practical, they are unanimous among fans of the little queen, commuters and fans of gentle mobility. Here is a selection of products which are perfect gift ideas to make for the end of year celebrations, but also for a birthday.

Get tactical and slip into your hood:

  • a foldable bicycle helmet
  • a brake warning and its connected lighting
  • bicycle bags
  • a smartphone holder
  • skirt clips
  • a smartphone holder or magnetic protective phone pouch
  • reflectors for bicycle spokes
  • reflective stickers
  • an anti-pollution mask
  • an anti-theft device

Foldable bicycle helmet: a little magic and a lot of safety for your urban trips

At the top of every Santa's list comes bicycle helmet ! And if you also choose a foldable bicycle helmet , you will meet his expectations in terms of an ideal gift for a cyclist. Its wearing is not obligatory in France, but it is strongly recommended for urban cyclists. Wearing it reduces the risk of serious head injuries in a fall by 70%.

Offering a PLIXI FIT foldable helmet means doing a good deed while thinking about cyclist safety and take away a good excuse for not adopting it by claiming that it is a bulky accessory and that there is no place to store it. The PLIXI FIT is designed to fold and unfold easily . Unisex, it can be customized by adding a colored cover and a visor to protect against rain and sun.

Offer a brake warning and its connected lighting

The elves have been working hard in preparation for the Christmas holidays.

They developed OxiBrake , the all-new brake warning which allows you to pair it with its connected lighting OxiLum . Thanks to this innovation, you can brake and be seen from afar by urban traffic users.

This allows them to immediately anticipate a slowdown and keep a greater safety distance between your bike and their machine. This brake warning is very useful when the day falls earlier in the fall or when the weather is rainy or snowy.

The OxiBrake and OxiLum combo can be installed on all bikes (electric bike, mountain bike, classic city bike, etc.). OxiBrake is installed on the braking handle and communicates wirelessly with the OxiLum lighting attached to the bicycle helmet.

OxiBrake & OxiLum are recharged via a USB port and can also be used by scooter, mountain bike or monowheel drivers.

It is also possible to attach the OxiLum lighting of this intelligent braking kit to the back of your bike helmet, to the rear of the bike by attaching it to a luggage rack or to the seat post. The straps supplied with this product allow it to be attached to rods of all diameters.

LOXI, your doubly secure bag

Whether you cycle for leisure, discover a region along cycle routes or are a commuter to make urban travel easier, you need to transport your belongings.

In this case, nothing replaces bag that can be attached to your bicycle . It is more convenient than a backpack which can unbalance the driver and it offers a very practical volume for storing, among other things, everything you need for cycling.

You can put documents, bicycle clamps and a repair kit there. The LOXI bag fulfills all these functions. Made from cut-resistant and waterproof material, it comes with a 12 mm diameter lock. It can be attached to the luggage rack using hook-and-loop straps and is easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a sponge is enough to remove dust and mud splashes.

When you arrive at your destination, you can attach it to your bike using its integrated anti-theft device . Your belongings are protected from rain or snow. You will find three different volumes (4L, 9L and 15L).

Santa Claus is jealous of these water-repellent fabric saddlebags that can withstand bad weather. They would not let the fragrant scents of his picnic that his greedy reindeer envy pass and, between two deliveries under the tree, he could comfort himself with his thermos of hot chocolate.

Low-budget “cycling gifts”
to offer (definitely) to a commuter

THE bicycle accessories also have this good thing: there are some all prices and within reach of all budgets . These bicycle products also have the advantage of being unisex. It's ideal for giving as a gift without making a mistake on the size. As a last minute gift on December 25 to slip into the stocking under the tree, you have the choice between several quality products that we offer below:

The Poupoupidou skirt clip:
how to stay feminine on a bike!

You can want to ride a bike and still look stylish. Vélotaf is also associated with the feminine.

To cycle in a skirt or dress, the Poupoupidou clip is the essential accessory for women cyclists. It helps hold the sides of the skirt or dress so that they do not fly away.

The skirt clip allows the garment to be held on the rods located under the saddle, thanks to a system of magnets which attach to these rods. An ingenious and effective magnetic system to prevent the wind from getting caught without damaging the fabric.

A waterproof and versatile smartphone holder

THE smartphone holder is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to a cyclist for his New Year. 

It will allow the lucky beneficiary to no longer need to get off their bike to check their phone and check their route on a road map during bike rides.

He will be able to answer a phone call without stopping pedaling, check that it is in the right direction or monitor a possible change in the weather in complete safety.

This case, in addition to being a clever end-of-year holiday gift, comes in different sizes to fit any type of laptop!

Anti-pollution mask for cycling as a gift

Bike commuters who travel in large cities suffer more than hiking cyclists in the city. urban pollution linked to road traffic in the city . Between dust, exhaust emissions and various projections, their travel conditions are not always ideal.

To make their journey easier and protect them from the nuisances of pollution in the city, we can offer them an anti-pollution mask at Christmas or why not during Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

Reflectors for bicycle spokes:
an inexpensive bike gift for the holidays

If you don't want to arrive empty-handed on New Year's Eve, you can also offer the cyclist reflectors for bicycle spokes. This is a very useful little present for increase the visibility of a bike in town or on the road. They come in different colors.

The gold set has a very fun little bling side while the multi-colored pack is reminiscent of Christmas light decorations.

Waterproof helmet cover:
a always useful gift for the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet

Cycling in all seasons requires suitable equipment. This is good, because our elves offer a Cover to attach to the PLIXI FIT foldable helmet. 

A little gift for Christmas (a birthday, a Black Friday or simply to treat yourself) very useful for riding and being protected from rain or sun on the road.

Anti-UV & anti-rain visor:
a gift to complete a bicycle helmet

The anti-UV/anti-rain visor is also a gift that will please the recipient of the PLIXI FIT folding bike helmet. You can take advantage of this to make a group gift. The more fortunate will offer the helmet and those on a smaller budget will choose the visor or the Cover.

Pay for your holiday bike gifts in installments

We know that end-of-year gifts tend to put a strain on our budget. To be able to please without breaking our budget too much, we suggest you pay online for your end-of-year gifts in four installments free of charge with PayPal.

Giving a gift card for Christmas is the best way to avoid making a mistake.

If you are worried about missing out or you are hesitating between two cycling products, we suggest offering a gift card.

This way, he or she will be free to spend it as they see fit. You leave the recipient to the embarrassment of choosing between the bicycle products they want.

This won't stop him from thinking of you when he presents your gift. The card is convenient to please every time when you know the passion for cycling that drives two-wheel enthusiasts.

This avoids offering them a product that they already own and it changes from the traditional book or subscription to a cycling magazine. Bicycle accessories are more personal and immediately usable.

Delivery of end-of-year gifts boosted so that your packages are under the Christmas tree on time

Santa and his herd of reindeer are committed to winning the race to ensure all your Christmas gifts for cyclists arrive on time.

Everything will be delivered on December 24 after the new year's eve where the December 25th in the morning to the delight of their recipients.

For latecomers, we will make a second express tour so that their gifts are delivered for the New Years .

THE On the 1st of the year , the bravest will be able to test their new bicycle accessories by installing, in particular, their road reflector box.

Now that we have given you gift ideas, all you have to do is choose from our selection of products.

Good choice and happy holiday season to all cycling fans!