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Magnetic holder LUM, TURN, BLOOM, BLINXI - 2 pieces

Sale price$14.00

Two supports, for two uses, twice the security.

Magnetic support for Turn & Lum lights.


Guaranteed visibility

Slim design

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Support magnétique LUM, TURN, BLOOM, BLINXI - 2 pièces - Overade
Magnetic holder LUM, TURN, BLOOM, BLINXI - 2 pieces Sale price$14.00

Discover a new way to travel

Imagine every journey as an opportunity for transformation. With Overade, we're shaping a future where soft mobility inspires your daily life.

Ingenious magnetic attachment

Thanks to its patented magnetic mechanism, installing and removing your Turn and Lum lights is child's play. Just clip and unclip your light for ultimate convenience.

Wide Compatibility

Versatile, the magnetic holder fits perfectly on the back of the PLIXI FIT helmet as well as a variety of city helmets (Kask, Thousand, Closca...).

Reliable regardless of road conditions

Whether you're travelling over bumpy roads or uneven cobbles, you can be sure that your lighting will stay in place thanks to its magnetic support.

Simplified installation

Thanks to its adhesive system, the bracket can be installed in 3 seconds, with no effort or tools required.

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2 year warranty

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Move your daily life

Discover a new way of living with Overade. Our mission is to inspire active and passionate people like you to transform their daily lives into a healthy and inspiring adventure.

Whether you're an entrepreneur on the move or a fast-paced urban explorer, Overade will help you to create a world where micro-mobility, the environment and well-being come together in harmony.