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Article: The Abus Hyp-E helmet incorporates OXI® Wireless!

Le casque Abus Hyp-E intègre OXI® Wireless ! - Overade

The Abus Hyp-E helmet incorporates OXI® Wireless!

Discovery of the new Abus Hyp-E bicycle helmet

The world of cycling is constantly evolving, and safety innovations are essential to protect cyclists. The Abus Hyp-E bicycle helmet, the newborn from ABUS, integrates OXI® Wireless communication and lighting technology. This is a remarkable example of the power of the communication eco-system dedicated to bicycles. This helmet doesn't just protect, it revolutionizes the way cyclists interact with their environment. In this article, we will explore in detail the key features of this headset and why it represents a guarantee of quality and safety, in particular thanks to OXI® Wireless .


Features of the Abus Hyp-E helmet

1. Integrated turn signals for effective communication

The indicators integrated into the Abus Hyp-E helmet allow cyclists to signal their turning intentions without having to remove their hands from the handlebars. A simple press on your OxiMote , or the ABUS OxiMote, activates the turn signals, improving communication with other road users. This intuitive feature increases safety when changing direction. By integrating this technology, the Hyp-E helmet allows cyclists to stay focused on the road while informing other users of their intentions, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents.


2. Integrated headlight flasher

The Abus Hyp-E helmet is equipped with an integrated headlight warning system, designed with OXI® Wireless technology. Cyclists can activate a powerful flash of light to signal their presence to other road users, improving their visibility, especially at night. This innovative technology provides increased safety, reducing the risk of accidents due to lack of visibility. Flashing the headlights is an essential function for attracting the attention of motorists, even in low light conditions.


3. Automatic brake light

The brake light is a crucial element for the safety of cyclists, especially in urban areas with heavy traffic. The Abus Hyp-E helmet automatically detects decelerations using integrated sensors. When the cyclist brakes, a bright taillight instantly turns on, warning vehicles behind them. This responsive feature helps prevent rear-end collisions and protect the rider. Using OXI® Wireless technology, the Abus Hyp-E helmet brake light synchronizes perfectly with the other lights on the bike, creating a consistent and effective signaling system.


You will have understood, the ABUS HYP-E helmet integrates the OXI ® Wireless range and is compatible with your lighting eco-system (Overade LUM, TURN, LIFE, and remote controls)

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Other notable points of the helmet:

has. Adjustable vents for optimal comfort

Ventilation is essential for comfort during long bike rides. The Abus Hyp-E helmet features adjustable vents, allowing riders to adjust airflow based on their preferences and weather conditions. Whether in hot or cold weather, these vents ensure optimal air circulation, preventing overheating and excessive sweating. The adjustable vents are designed to provide personalized comfort, which is particularly valuable during long hikes or competitions.


b. An adjustable visor for clear vision

The visor integrated into the Abus Hyp-E helmet protects cyclists' eyes against sun, rain and debris. Additionally, it is adjustable, providing optimal vision without compromising safety. Cyclists can tilt the visor as needed, reducing glare and improving concentration on the road. This adjustable visor is a great asset for those riding in changing weather conditions, providing flexible and effective protection.



The HYP-E and its OXI® Wireless technology wins (again this year for OXI) the Eurobike AWWARDS!

A real distinction which proves the innovative nature of the OXI® Wireless product and communication technology!



The OXI-Wireless Range: A Guarantee of Quality and Innovation


OXI® Wireless is synonymous with quality and innovation. The products in this range are hand-picked and benefit from patented, reliable and innovative functions. By integrating this technology, the Abus Hyp-E helmet benefits from the following advantages:

  • Reliability : OXI® Wireless technology uses a 2.4Ghz protocol, guaranteeing seamless communication between different devices.
  • Patented innovations : Every function, from the automatic brake light to the integrated turn signals, is designed to provide maximum safety and is protected by patents.
  • Rigorous selection : OXI® Wireless products are carefully selected to ensure their effectiveness and durability, ensuring users have a high-quality experience.




    The Abus Hyp-E bicycle helmet is much more than just an accessory. It embodies innovation and safety, providing riders with advanced protection and practical features. Thanks to the integration of OXI® Wireless technology, this helmet represents a real revolution in the field of bicycle safety. If you're looking for a helmet that combines technology and comfort, the Abus Hyp-E is an essential choice.


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