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Article: Loxi 15L : the secure bike bag

Loxi 15L : la sacoche sécurisée pour vélo - Overade

Loxi 15L : the secure bike bag

Loxi from Overade, the essential bag for your bike trips!

Practical, secure and waterproof. Made with quality materials, the Loxi pannier from Overade will become your best ally during your trips.

Why you will love it ?


The Loxi is a unique pannier. With its large capacity of 15 liters, you will comfortably store your belongings during your travels.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can leave them safe from rain and theft in the pannier, which is attached to your bike with the 12mm anti-theft device it incorporates.

Made of a waterproof PVC tarpaulin and lined with a level 5 anti-cut material, the Overade Loxi pannier guarantees waterproofness and security.

"Store your stuff and be free once parked"


The Overade Loxi 15L pannier is very easy to use.

Mount the pannier on your luggage rack and don't forget to use the anti-pull strap when you ride. Once parked, to secure your belongings, wrap the top part of the pannier around the 12mm lock and attach it to the frame of your bike.

The Loxi 15L pannier fits all bikes with carrier tubes up to 10mm in diameter.

It is ideal for bicycle tourists who can leave their valuable personal belongings on their bikes during their visits. The Loxi 15L pannier will accompany you on all cycling trails!

Its versatility makes it a must-have item that makes our daily life easier.

Don't hesitate, it's made for you!




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