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Article: Blinxi: the goal achieved on kickstarter!

Blinxi : l'objectif atteint sur kickstarter ! - Overade

Blinxi: the goal achieved on kickstarter!

OVERADE presents BLINXI, the flashing light, a major innovation in urban mobility!

BLINXI by Overade is a connected lighting system adaptable to all urban helmets.

Thanks to its left/right turn signals, Overade's BLINXI lighting allows you to warn motorists of your changes of direction. The turn signals can be controlled with a remote control that is attached to the handlebars of the bicycle or scooter. When you activate a flasher, a reminder light flashes on the remote control.

With Overade's BLINXI, you are sure to be seen by other road users and to be able to move around safely!

BLINXI pre-sales were launched on Kickstarter at the beginning of June and already more than 150 people have ordered it.

The product was financed in only one week, which means that BLINXI will be launched! From now on, if you order it, delivery is guaranteed.

To thank all our backers, we have put an exceptional offer :


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