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The start of summer! One helmet = one sheet of reflective stickers FREE to choose


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Removable rain helmet cover for Overade PLIXI helmet

Sale price€15,00

Cover color:

Cycling should be freedom . Without constraint. This, even in the rain.

Removable waterproof cover for your Plixi foldable helmet.

For the PLIXI

Sustainable Materials

6 colors




Couvre-casque pluie amovible pour casque Overade PLIXI
Removable rain helmet cover for Overade PLIXI helmet Sale price€15,00

Discover a new way to move

Imagine each journey as an opportunity for transformation. With Overade, we are shaping a future where soft mobility inspires your daily life.

Integrated urban umbrella

Face bad weather with confidence with the cover, the PLIXI umbrella, ready to protect you from unexpected showers, wind and UV rays.


Transform your helmet into a style statement and adapt your equipment according to your desires of the day!

Perfect fit

Available in sizes S/M and L/XL, choose the one that matches your helmet for easy installation and unrivaled comfort. Stays in place even when your helmet is folded.

The history of Plixi

A product co-designed in Paris by Designer Patrick Jouffret, and Philippe Arrouart, founder and expert and passionate engineer. Continue the adventure by adopting Overade's Plixi too.


Mounts anywhere to control up to 50 OXI® Wireless products. Turn signals and Hazard lights functions.


Unique in the world ! A patented brake light sensor to indicate your intention to brake. Brake light signal.

14-day free trial

If you are not satisfied, you can return your product free of charge for 14 days.

Move your daily life

Discover a new way of living with Overade. Our mission: to inspire active and passionate minds, like you, to transform their daily lives into a healthy and inspiring adventure.

Entrepreneur on the move or fast-paced urban explorer?

With Overade, help create a world where micro-mobility, the environment and well-being combine harmoniously.

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