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Secure bike bag - LOXI 9L

Sale price€90,00

Honestly, having to carry your helmet, lights, and parka, isn't that bothersome? At Overade, we make your life easier. Kevlar, cut-resistant, does that ring a bell for you?

The Loxi bicycle bag, secure and waterproof, keeps your personal belongings thanks to its double waterproof and cut-resistant coating. A patented innovation.




Overade LOXI 9L - Sac vélo inviolable - Overade
Secure bike bag - LOXI 9L Sale price€90,00

Patented and unique in the world!

  1. I leave my things inside
  2. I roll up the padlock and fasten it 
  3. My things can't be stolen thanks to the product's anti-cut, anti-pinch and anti-shearing textiles!

The little extra? An extra bike lock.

Maximum protection

Its first layer of waterproof PVC tarpaulin keeps your belongings dry even in the pouring rain, while its second layer of coating offers level 5 cut protection.

Endless possibilities

  • I leave my helmet on my bike in the car park
  • I leave the keys with my partner who's coming round in half an hour
  • I keep my parka dry on the bike I've tied up in the street
  • I even take it on holiday to leave my stuff by the pool...


Mounts anywhere to control up to 50 OXI® Wireless products. Turn signals and Hazard lights functions.


Unique in the world ! A patented brake light sensor to indicate your intention to brake. Brake light signal.

14-day free trial

If you are not satisfied, you can return your product free of charge for 14 days.

Move your daily life

Discover a new way of living with Overade. Our mission: to inspire active, passionate spirits like you to transform their daily lives into healthy, inspiring adventures.

Are you an entrepreneur on the move or a fast-paced urban explorer? urban explorer?

With Overade, help create a world where micro-mobility, environment and well-being come together in harmony.

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