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Mother's Day: one helmet = one free light


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Turn signal remote control – Overade OXIMOTE

Sale price€19,00

Micro-mobility is the pleasure of riding freely and healthily. So for that, we offer you control.

Ergonomics above all : OxiMote has two right and left buttons, which will fall naturally under the finger, to activate the turn signals.

Warning: The OxiMote remote control is not compatible with BLINXI & BLOOM bicycle helmet lights

Eurobike Awards 2023.

Ergonomic button

Shape adapted to handlebars

6 months autonomy

Warning function



Light reminder

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Turn signal remote control – Overade OXIMOTE
Turn signal remote control – Overade OXIMOTE Sale price€19,00

Discover a new way to move

Imagine each journey as an opportunity for transformation. With Overade, we are shaping a future where soft mobility inspires your daily life.

Patented directional indicator function

With one click, the indicator of your choice is activated and signals other road users that you are changing direction.

Communicate for enhanced security

By clearly indicating your turning intentions to other road users, you significantly minimize the risk of accidents and falls. You maintain your stability and thus avoid sudden movements.

At hand

Whether it's raining, snowing, or wearing gloves, once coupled with one (or more) lights, the OxiMote is the most ergonomic turn signal remote control on the market. Fits all handlebars.

A whole Oxi-Wireless ecosystem

Create the network of bike lights you need: 2, 3, 4 lights (up to 50). All controlled, for the left/right indicator function.


Mounts anywhere to control up to 50 OXI® Wireless products. Turn signals and Hazard lights functions.


Unique in the world ! A patented brake light sensor to indicate your intention to brake. Brake light signal.

14-day free trial

If you are not satisfied, you can return your product free of charge for 14 days.

Move your daily life

Discover a new way of living with Overade. Our mission: to inspire active and passionate minds, like you, to transform their daily lives into a healthy and inspiring adventure.
Entrepreneur on the move or fast-paced urban explorer?

With Overade, help create a world where micro-mobility, the environment and well-being combine harmoniously.

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