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Article: E-scooter helmet: Visor or not?

Casque Trottinette Électrique : Visière ou Non ? - Overade

E-scooter helmet: Visor or not?

Helmets for safe electric scooter riding:

Safe riding of an electric scooter requires careful selection of the helmet. The addition of a visor to a helmet dedicated to electric scooters enhances protection against the elements. Dive into our tips to help you make the right choice between helmets for electric scooters, with or without a visor.
Although it's not compulsory to wear an electric scooter helmet below 25 km/h, it is strongly recommended. Above this speed, a motorcycle helmet is mandatory, as the scooter is considered a moped. The NTA impact standard is beginning to emerge as a compromise.


Advantages of an Electric Scooter Helmet with Visor

Choosing an electric scooter helmet with a visor or bike shield is a wise decision, offering a wide range of benefits. The speed associated with riding an electric scooter can cause a number of eye problems. In this context, the visor or bike shield proves to be an effective protective barrier, offering defense against external elements such as wind, sunlight, insects, rain and dust.

This specific helmet feature is especially designed to facilitate the wearing of prescription glasses. It creates an adapted space, allowing easy positioning of glasses while guaranteeing a comfortable and secure fit of the helmet. In this way, users can enjoy optimum visual protection, while maintaining a high level of convenience, which is particularly crucial when riding an electric scooter. Opting for a helmet with a visor or bike shield is therefore an intelligent solution for combining safety and practicality on your journeys around town.


Selection criteria that we at Overade believe are essential:

Whether you choose a helmet with a visor or not, to ensure optimum comfort, here are 8 criteria to consider when choosing an electric scooter helmet:

  1. Certification: Check that the helmet complies with European standards, with EN 1078 certification.
  2. Sun protection category: Choose a visor sun protection category to suit your needs (from 0 to 4), depending on light intensity.
  3. Integrated lighting: Choose a helmet with integrated lighting for enhanced visibility on the road.
  4. Aesthetic Design: Select an aesthetically pleasing helmet to suit your tastes, for everyday wear.
  5. Lightweight: Choose a lightweight electric scooter helmet for added comfort on the move.
  6. Precise fit: Make sure the helmet offers a precise fit to your head, guaranteeing stability and safety.
  7. Optimal Ventilation: Choose a helmet with adequate ventilation for optimum thermal comfort on the move.


Discover Overade's LIFE helmet: Excellence in Protection

Explore two Overade bike helmets specially designed for electric scooters, offering optimum protection and exceptional comfort. The Overade LIFE helmet, available with or without visor.

Overade's LIFE helmet offers a particularly advantageous flip-up visor. Its generous size ensures extensive coverage, effectively protecting users' faces from wind, sun, insects, rain and dust. The visor has been cleverly designed to allow glasses to pass easily underneath, providing ample space for comfortable wear.
The innovative aspect of the LIFE helmet visor also lies in the way it fits. The lower part of the visor is designed to follow the contours of the face perfectly, ensuring effective wind blockage. This ingenious design aims to deliver a pleasant riding experience, significantly reducing discomfort caused by wind force, particularly at eye level.

Available in a single size with an adjustable thumbwheel, Overade's LIFE helmet adapts perfectly to each user's head. This customization not only ensures a secure and stable fit during rides, but also a high level of safety and well-being at every moment of your electric scooter travels.