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Article: The folding electric bike: Revolutionize your mobility in the city

Le vélo électrique pliant : Révolutionnez votre mobilité en ville - Overade

The folding electric bike: Revolutionize your mobility in the city

The revolution of folding electric bikes in the modern urban landscape is undeniable. These VAEs, equipped with a foldable frame and a powerful electric motor, align with the eco-responsible objectives of cities by offering electric assistance adapted to each journey. The battery, essential in the folding bike system, provides robust autonomy that redefines the freedom to move without limits.

Advantages of folding electric bikes

Electric assistance and driving comfort

The driving comfort of the folding electric bike is unmatched thanks to its quiet but powerful motor. Each pedal stroke is amplified by intuitive electric assistance that adjusts to the cyclist's rhythm. This electric assistance makes each folding bike ideal for hills and long distances around town, ensuring a comfortable, sweat-free experience.

Practicality and versatility

The practicality of the foldable electric bike is indisputable. Its frame size allows the bike to be reduced to a compact package in seconds, a practical feature for busy city life. Home delivery of these electric folding bikes simplifies the integration of this innovative mode of transport into your daily life.

Technical Characteristics to Consider

Each folding electric bike is designed with a durable and lightweight frame, ensuring that the weight of the bike does not compromise ease of transportation. The battery plays a key role in providing plenty of range, ensuring that folding electric bikes are ready for any urban adventure.

Choice and accessibility: Models and prices

The stock of foldable electric bikes is rich and varied, adapting to all needs and all prices. Models like the Ahooga stand out for their foldable frame and lightweight feel, while brands like Brompton and Tern Vektron emphasize battery life and comfort.

Eco-responsibility and Autonomy:

The eco-design of electric bikes with a folding frame promotes a sustainable lifestyle. The battery autonomy allows you to travel long distances in the city, reaffirming the eco-responsible commitment of VAE users.

The size :

The size of a folding bike is an essential criterion to consider when purchasing, because it directly impacts practicality and comfort of use. When deployed, the bike must match the user's body shape to ensure a comfortable and safe riding posture. Once folded, its dimensions become even larger: the more compact the bike, the easier it will be to transport and store it. Ideally, a folding bike should fit easily in the trunk of a car, next to your desk or in the tight spaces of an urban apartment. The most sophisticated models ingeniously combine an unfolded size suitable for various sizes of riders while remaining extremely compact when folded. This unfolded size/folded size duality constitutes one of the major challenges faced by manufacturers to meet the expectations of modern urban cyclists looking for flexible and unconstrained mobility.


User reviews: what about product quality?

Reviews from current users testify to the effectiveness of folding electric bikes in everyday urban life. They point to extended battery life, ease of folding, light weight and convenience of transportation as major advantages. These testimonials are a valuable source of information to guide new buyers in their decision.

Iconic Models of Folding Electric Bikes

- Ahooga: This electric bike stands out for its lightness and its quick folding capacity, thus meeting the needs of active urbanites looking to combine speed and convenience.
- Brompton Electric C Line: Recognized for its compact folding and robustness, this folding bike is equipped with a battery designed to offer optimal autonomy, while ensuring exemplary handling.
- Tern Vektron: With a large capacity battery, this bike is ideal for extended urban journeys, offering autonomy that rhymes with freedom and flexibility.

Our favorite, Eovolt Confort: Designed in France, this foldable e-bike combines modern BMX style with superior driving comfort, supported by a reliable battery guaranteeing great autonomy. Eovolt is a French brand specializing in the assembly and distribution of compact, light and practical electric bicycles, deserves our full attention. Each model is assembled by hand in France, near Lyon, by a team of passionate cycle specialists. EOVOLT's ambition is to shake up and reinvent urban mobility.

One of the flagship models is the Eovolt Morning, a folding electric bike which stands out for its battery integrated directly into its seat post. This product, which is discreet, aesthetic and practical, balances the center of gravity of the VAE. The Eovolt Morning offers a range of 16.5 km, a speed of 25 km/h and optimal safety. Its light weight, aesthetic design and quick folding make it an ideal companion for your urban trips. In addition, its removable battery and hydraulic brakes add to its practicality.

New outsider in the field: Bastille, the first large-wheeled bicycle that folds, is an innovation that reinvents urban mobility. Designed and assembled in France, it combines practicality, elegance and performance. Imagine a bike that follows you everywhere: at home, in a restaurant, in the elevator, the trunk of a car or even on the train, stored in its cover. Bastille allows you to rediscover the pleasures of cycling with a major advantage: its ingenious folding, which reduces it to the size of a cube in just 5 seconds. This large-wheeled urban bike is ultra-equipped for the city, and it's made to last.

Folding Bike

Investing in the mobility of tomorrow

Investing in an electric bike, with its compact frame, light weight, and efficient motor, is a step towards urban mobility

Optimize your urban cycling experience with the Plixi folding helmet, the ideal companion for your folding bike. Designed for eBike enthusiasts who care about safety and style, the Plixi offers the same convenience and ingenuity that your bike produces. Its compact structure when folded fits effortlessly into your active daily life. With unrivaled ease of transport and robust protection, the Plixi is the essential accessory for reinvented urban mobility. Like the folding electric bike, it combines advanced technology and optimal comfort, highlighting the commitment to eco-responsible and elegant driving.

Opt for a folding electric bike, like our favorites Eovolt or Bastille, and join the urban community which favors a practical and eco-responsible approach to mobility. With their compact frame, powerful assistance, and a reliable battery offering remarkable autonomy, electric folding bikes represent the future of urban travel. Their light weight and the comfort they offer turn every journey into a pleasant experience.

Fast and efficient delivery of bicycles directly to your door makes purchasing and operating your eBike easier than ever. Plus, with constantly renewed stock, you're sure to find the perfect electric bike for you, at a price that fits your budget.

Towards a more agile and cleaner city

The folding bike is much more than a means of transport; it is a symbol of transformation towards a more active and cleaner urban life. Flexible delivery options, varied stock for all needs, and affordable prices for all budgets make electric bikes accessible to everyone. With their extended range, light weight, foldable frame and comfortable electric assistance, electric folding bikes are ready to become your companion of choice for the city.

Choose autonomy and practicality by opting for an electric bike. Read reviews, compare prices, check stock, and consider the convenience of home delivery to make your purchase a true investment in your well-being and the environment. Visit specialist stores or browse online to find the folding bike that will accompany you on your urban journey towards a more sustainable and happier future.

In 2024, aid for the purchase of an electric folding bike is more generous than ever. If you are considering purchasing an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) that folds, here is a summary of the different assistance available in France specifically for this type of bicycle:

And purchasing aid in 2024?

Ecological “VAE” bonus: For the purchase of a new or used folding electric bike, this bonus reaches up to €400 per bike, subject to resource conditions. It can allow you to adopt a bike almost free.

“VAE” conversion bonus: If you replace an old polluting vehicle with a folding electric bike, you can benefit from a bonus of up to €2,500. This free bonus aims to encourage the transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Local aid: Some municipalities and regions offer specific aid for the purchase of electric bicycles, including folding models. Ask your town hall or consult official sites to find out about free grants available locally.

Employer support: Some companies offer benefits for purchasing electric bikes. Check with your employer to find out if such assistance is available.

In short, if you want to invest in an electric folding bike, do not hesitate to explore these different aids to reduce your budget, even make it free, and encourage more sustainable mobility! Go take a look at our detailed article on purchasing aid in 2024, here.


Folding electric bikes represent a major step forward towards an eco-responsible urban future. More than just a means of transport, these VAEs combine comfort, practicality and durability. Their electric motor provides silent but significant assistance, making travel easier, particularly when going uphill or starting at traffic lights, while the advanced battery guarantees extended autonomy for increased freedom in the city.

Their intelligent design with a folding frame transforms these bikes into compact objects, perfect for tight spaces or public transport, offering a solution adapted to urban density. This frame, combined with the lightness of the bike, makes it not only easy to handle but also pleasant to ride.

Delivery of these bikes is convenient and flexible, adapting to the needs of modern urbanites with suppliers offering fast services to get your new bike to you without delay. The regularly updated stock allows buyers to choose from a wide range of models, at affordable prices thanks to the financial aid offered by many cities, which encourage the adoption of clean modes of transport.