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Article: A game-changing eco-system: OXI® Wireless

Un éco-système qui change la donne : OXI® Wireless - Overade

A game-changing eco-system: OXI® Wireless

OXI® Wireless: Safety Signaling Technology for Cyclists

Cyclist safety is a priority, especially when it comes to visibility on the road. OXI® Wireless , a French technology, addresses this crucial need by offering an innovative and easy-to-use braking and direction change signaling system. Discover how OXI® Wireless is revolutionizing safety for cyclists, electric bike and scooter users.

Vision and Objectives

With OXI-Wireless, our vision is clear: intelligently simplify for optimal reliability on the road. No complexity, no risk. At night, cyclists are often victims of serious accidents due to misinterpretation by drivers. In fact, 57% of accidents are caused by a lack of attention on the part of motorists.

Cutting-edge Security Technology

Concretely, what is it? OXI® Wireless is a signaling system designed to increase the protection of users of electric bicycles and scooters. This system uses a 2.4Ghz protocol, eliminating the need for an app or phone, for ultra-simple and reliable remote control.

Directional indicators

Cyclists can indicate their direction day or night, while keeping their hands on the handlebars. An audible reminder is included for added safety, in all compatible products.

Brake Light - Stop Light

As soon as you operate the brake lever, a powerful red brake light illuminates on the devices in your ecosystem, activating all your lights to signal your stop, or deceleration.

Hazard lights

If there is a problem, press both turn signal buttons on your OxiMote remote to activate the hazard lights.

Headlight calls

An additional button on the OxiBrake triggers a powerful double flash from all your front headlights to attract drivers' attention.

Discover the products.

Two Remote Controls for Multiple Uses


Attaches to any handlebar and communicates wirelessly with all devices using the OXI® Wireless system. It allows you to control the indicators and hazard lights.


A patented sensor that fits any brake lever, adding the ability to indicate your braking actions and trigger headlight flashes.

A Complete Ecosystem

OXI® Wireless allows you to control up to 50 lights or helmets. You can create any combination of front lights, rear lights or indicator placement on the bike and helmet.

Some testimonials from already Satisfied Customers

  • Andrew Hawes : "The OXI® Wireless system works perfectly and is a great improvement for my electric scooter. I will also use it on my bike."
  • Dominic Hammon : “The powerful headlight flashes help attract the attention of oncoming drivers.”
  • dB : “The brake light is very bright and responsive.”
  • Cecile Soulier : "Essential for cycling, especially in town: more visibility and being able to indicate if you are braking, which way you want to turn."

(Opinions submitted this year, which you will find on our site)

No app you say?

How does OXI® Wireless work without an app?
No need for an app or phone! Pairing is super simple: simply turn on the device and press the button on the remote control and the light for 5 seconds. Both flash orange, then pair automatically. A single remote can control up to 50 lights.

What are the advantages of OXI® Wireless?
Easy installation, simple use, and exceptional reliability, while increasing cyclist safety.


OXI® Wireless is a guarantee of quality for a limited selection of carefully chosen products. For smooth and safe mobility, trust OXI® Wireless. Also take a look at the website dedicated to technology!

Contact us for any questions or assistance and discover all compatible products on our site.