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Article: Making Off of the advertisement for our OxiBrake Starter brake warning

Making Off de la pub de notre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake Starter - Overade

Making Off of the advertisement for our OxiBrake Starter brake warning

Overade is expanding its range of products dedicated to soft mobility with an innovation that should interest you: a reliable and easy-to-use brake warning .

The OxiBrake Starter , since that is its name, is lighting coupled with a controller that slides onto the brake lever of your bike , VAE or electric scooter .
To highlight the many advantages of this brake warning, Overade designed an advertisement with the effective support of the Ante Bellum company.

In addition to the presentation of the OxiBrake Starter, it is also to this “making off” that we would like to invite you through this post…


Behind the scenes of the design of the OxiBrake Starter ad

The company Ante Bellum , which was involved in the design of the promotional film for the OxiBrake Starter , was founded in 2013. This creative studio specializes in the production of short format films (short films, clips, advertisements, network videos social…) particularly in the field of innovation and science fiction.

We had already called on this company to carry out the launch advertising for our lighting with right/left flashing function BLINXI as well as that of our LOXI secure bicycle bag which had generated a lot of enthusiasm around our products.

It is therefore quite natural, and with pleasure, that we worked again with Ante Bellum to highlight our brake warning coupled with its lighting .

One of the consequences of the professionalism of Ante Bellum's teams was a "joyful invasion" of our offices by the collaborators and all the equipment necessary for the production of the film.

Overade local filming with the team of engineers who presented the OxiBrake Starter, the lighting coupled with its brake warning

Design of the scenario with our team, choice of shots, framing, poses, work with lighting... Filming in our premises during the day, filming in the streets of Paris at night amid traffic in real conditions... Wow! All the efficiency and precision of Hollywood or Cinecittà came to us for this shoot. For a bit, we could expect Brad Pitt to come and give the answer to our actor!

Filming in Paris for the advertising of the new overade, Oxibrake Starter

In the video, you will find our engineers presenting each step of the design process of our brake warning: from the 3D definition to the final product including the generation of a prototype via a 3D printer. A development of approximately 1 year by our teams to arrive at an extremely reliable product in both its hardware and software aspects.


A simple and reliable braking solution for bicycles and scooters

For this advertisement, we imagined a storytelling around a cyclist encountering difficulties to be visible and remain calm in dense urban traffic. Unfortunately, we didn't have to look far, because we bike commuters frequently share this situation, don't we?

Problematic visibility street Paris electric scooter bike

To stay safe on your bike or electric scooter , should you put on a light garland and hold up a STOP sign like our friend Walter does in our advertising?

This is not our idea of ​​things, far from it! For 10 years, we have been designing products which, beyond their innovative and efficient design, aim to improve your safety whether you are in the city, in a semi-urban area or in the countryside.

We are all Walters and we are all looking for an effective brake alarm to alert the vehicles behind us when we brake.

Now, OxiBrake Starter is here to address this issue and it’s clearly a game-changer! We clearly highlight this in the video. Thanks to OxiBrake Starter, your journey becomes safer and more peaceful: you brake and the associated lighting ( OxiLum ) comes on. As simple as when you are behind the wheel of a car and press the brake pedal!


The OxiBrake Starter braking warning coupled with its OxiLum connected light provides a relevant solution to all users of soft mobility (mechanical bicycle, VAE, electric scooter, rollerblades, gyropod, monowheel, cargo bike, etc.) who wish to secure their journeys in remaining visible and communicating in a timely manner with road users (motorists, bikers, pedestrians, etc.).

Find out more about the OxiBrake Starter :

Brake warning rear headlight bicycle lighting overade oxibrake starter


A big thank you to the Ante Bellum teams who, in each of our collaborations, invest themselves with professionalism in the creation of our advertisements.

Here is the rendering of our advertisement:





If you are looking for a responsive and competent team for your advertisements we can only recommend the Ante Bellum dream team.



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