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Article: Overade, specialist in products for bikes and scooters, thinks bigger!

Overade, spécialiste des produits pour vélos et trottinettes, voit plus grand ! - Overade

Overade, specialist in products for bikes and scooters, thinks bigger!

Since 2014, Overade, specialist in comfort and safety products for soft and urban mobility, has been evolving. 

Our flagship product, the famous PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet, has made the Overade brand known among those who travel by bicycle or electric scooter in urban environments.

New products have already been added to the catalogue:

Other products are about to be launched in the coming weeks.

These developments therefore require a change of gear in terms of organisation... which is now a reality.



The premises are growing, so is the team!


New people came to reinforce the team during the last semester to take charge of the new projects.


In these conditions our dear office in Gambetta, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, could hardly contain the 10 people who now make up the team.


Since January 31, 2022 Overade has moved to new premises located in the 19th district, between the Buttes-Chaumont park and La Villette. A large open space, a meeting room, a lunch area and a workshop for the team in charge of product design. An ideal place to be productive, as we will see below. 



The organisation in place to design and promote the soft mobility products of tomorrow


The "overade team" is structured around the following main areas

  •  Management
  • Commercial in charge of sales in a B2C but also B2B framework
  • E-commerce to offer richer tools on the Internet to promote our products
  • Design & conception, the division that has evolved the most over the last 6 months.


 It is in this last entity that the future products that you will love in the coming months are selected, imagined and designed. Products that are even more innovative and designed to meet the increasingly varied needs of the growing use of bicycles.


Overade brings together people with diverse backgrounds, who bring unique skills and approaches.


The first step is the selection of new products. The technical team is frequently inspired by the automotive sector to design innovative products that we are eager to share with you. The design team closely follows new trends in urban mobility and the behaviour of cyclists and electric scooter users. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the consumer is the key to meeting their needs.


Comfort, practicality, ease and safety are subjects that are constantly at the heart of the regular brainstorming meetings of the Design team. They analyse the need and then carry out a market survey. Once the project is deemed sufficiently mature, it moves on to the product modelling phase, using the latest in-house tools.


The integration of certain electronic functions (such as those currently found in the BLINXI flashing light, for example) requires additional skills.


To model our creations, design tools are essential. Computer-controlled rapid prototyping machines allow the rapid production of models of parts or assemblies using 3D CAD data. 

This phase is a crucial part of the product development process as it allows engineers to thoroughly test different prototypes that are similar in appearance and performance to the final products.


The electronic test benches produced thus reduce the risk of problems in use and manufacture before going into production.


Once modelled, the technical team consults industrialists on the basis of the specifications. These professionals then make tools based on the design files and develop pre-series. 


This is a long design process that requires a lot of know-how to try to innovate and stand out in a booming sector.


New developments to follow for Overade


2022 will be a new year for Overade


We are doing everything possible to bring out products never before conceived on the mobility market. Philippe Arrouart, Overade's founder, announced it in the programme "La France qui Bouge" on Europe 1


"We have no shortage of ideas. We would like to bring out other products, in particular other lighting and an eco-designed and eco-responsible helmet.


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