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Article: AUTONOMY 2022 - Sustainable mobility will be on the agenda

Salon AUTONOMY 2022 - Les mobilités durables étaient au rendez-vous à Paris - Overade

AUTONOMY 2022 - Sustainable mobility will be on the agenda

Overade will be one of 250 exhibitors at the world-renowned AUTONOMY trade fair, which will be held over two days in Paris
The company will present its flagship products, including the PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet and the BLINXI removable flashing light

Overade is a recognised player in active mobility as it contributes to improving the use of bicycles and electric scooters by designing safe and practical accessories. 

In addition to a B2C offer, Overade proposes its foldable helmets to "shared fleet operators" such as institutional actors (municipalities or urban communities) or private actors such as the company TIER with which Overade has been in partnership for two years. Indeed, the PLIXI FIT folding helmet is available on all the operator's electric scooters.

A French exhibition bringing together all the innovations of tomorrow in terms of intelligent and sustainable mobility


The AUTONOMY trade show returns to Paris this year for its 6th edition, on 16 and 17 March 2022.

The AUTONOMY trade show is a world-renowned annual event that has been bringing together players in the field of sustainable mobility for the past 6 years. It is the place to meet qualified professionals and mobility players in this growing sector. 

For two days, at the Porte de Versailles, professionals will take advantage of their visit to detect the latest trends and news in the industry, meet new suppliers and partners, attend expert conferences and quality demonstrations.


With the ambition to create the world's leading sustainable mobility network, AUTONOMY will host 250 exhibitors and is expected to attract around 10,000 visitors during the two-day exhibition. Admission is free for all professionals who register online before the show. If you don't have a pass, you will have to pay €100 (reductions on proof).

For an atmosphere conducive to meeting and developing tomorrow's mobility activities, the AUTONOMY exhibition offers a full programme:

  • Conferences and workshops in French and English
  • Workshops and prize-giving
  • Multimodal test tracks


Find the full programme here: Programme - Autonomy

For this 6th year, three cities support the AUTONOMY exhibition: Bogota, Buenos Aires and Paris

Ten "Headline partners" are in the spotlight this year and we would like to introduce you to three of them whose activities echo Overade's B2B offer:

UBER: Uber is anticipating the future by taking a special interest in autonomous vehicles and new forms of mobility, such as electric bikes and scooters, which are being put into circulation in Paris. This offer responds to two current problems: saving travellers time and reducing congestion in cities. The problem of the last kilometre is addressed by this solution.


TROOPY: Founded in 2018, the Parisian scooter sharing start-up using 125cc Yamaha Tricity scooters has announced the end of thermal power and the launch of two new electric scooters in the first half of 2022. A step forward towards green and sustainable mobility. 

VAIMOO: VAIMOO is the connected electric bike sharing solution that works for sustainable, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility. 
Recently adopted by some of Europe's largest micro-mobility operators to expand their electric scooter sharing services in the UK, VAIMOO has also been deployed by the cycling capitals of Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Stockholm. Its innovative and flexible e-Bike solution includes fleets of electric bikes and a management platform that can be integrated with third party transport for last mile sharing and delivery business models. 
VAIMOO also offers digital transformation solutions and consulting services to improve the mobility experience for a multimodal user journey.


5 innovative products caught our attention during these two days of exhibitions:

> The green hydrogen bike: Engie has designed an electric bike powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The operation of a hydrogen bike is simple: a hydrogen tank is connected to a fuel cell. The fuel cell causes a redox reaction, which produces electricity. The green hydrogen bike produces no pollution or toxic effects, since the only waste produced is water.

Engie's ambition is to deploy self-service fleets in certain municipalities to become the reference for tomorrow's bicycle travel. This is the case for Nice, which is currently experimenting with the use of this hydrogen bicycle for its employees' business trips.

> Sharelock, the shared lock: Sharelock has launched a shared and connected anti-theft system. Created by a French startup, the concept is quite simple: install secure locks on bollards and terminals available in large numbers in major cities. Cyclists will be able to reserve them via a dedicated application and park their bikes there in complete safety.

> Airbag: Autoliv aims to create airbags for bicycles, scooters and electric scooters. An innovation in the urban mobility sector where the number of accidents is constantly increasing and where urban users are the most vulnerable. The brand presented at AUTONOMY several prototypes in test phase.

> Lucy Mobility offers fleets of electric scooters and charging stations to companies. They can be used for a trottitaf use or for an internal use in industrial sites which are very often extended on several meters. The French startup contributes to sustainable mobility by encouraging companies to get involved.

> Atmos electric rollers: Electric cars, electric bikes and electric scooters are part of our daily commute. Atmos innovates by offering electric rollerblades to rollerblade enthusiasts.

8 sectors are in the spotlight at the 6th edition of AUTONOMY

During two days, 250 exhibitors will be present at the mobility fair and will represent 8 sectorial themes: 

  • Micro-mobility and active mobility: Electric scooters, bicycles, VAE and active mobility services for healthier and more sustainable cities. 
  • Shared mobility: Free-floating, on-demand mobility solutions (public and private), fuelling the multimodal city and the transition away from the private car. 
  • MaaS (mobility as a service), ticketing and payment solutions
  • Mobility services and solutions for the smart city: Providing authorities with reliable, real-time data to optimise the management of their cities.
  • Enterprise mobility and fleet management: Reducing the cost and carbon footprint of enterprise mobility by switching to multi-modal offerings for employees, using telematics and AI to improve the efficiency of fleet management.
  • Electric mobility & infrastructure: Integration of new engines (electric, NGV, hydrogen...) and development of infrastructure for sustainable mobility.
  • Last mile urban logistics: With the massive increase in urban deliveries, this sector promotes new logistics solutions that reduce congestion and emissions.
  • Autonomous vehicles & technologies: Understand the new opportunities brought by autonomous vehicles to cities and infrastructures, to the automation of logistics and MaaS as well as the regulation and safety issues.


Overade, a player in soft mobility, will be present again this year at the AUTONOMY exhibition


The growth of active urban mobility raises questions about safety. Of course, at Overade, the safety aspect is taken into account as early as possible in the design phase of products dedicated to cyclists and users of electric scooters.

Our best-selling PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet stands out from other bicycle helmets on the market by retracting with the snap of a finger. When folded, its volume is divided by 3, which makes it even more unique and practical.

The combination of the safety aspect and the compactness of the helmet caught the attention of the AUTONOMY show, which contacted us a few days before our participation in the show.
On March 18th, a big bike ride was organized by the deputy mayor of Paris, David Belliard, and the AUTONOMY sustainable mobility exhibition. This event brought together 23 elected officials from European and international cities including David Belliard, Nora Abete and Seb Dance. You can find the complete list of participants here. The group went through Paris and discovered the facilities set up for soft mobility.

Overade had the honor to equip the elected officials with a PLIXI FIT foldable bicycle helmet.
PLIXI FIT is a really innovative bicycle helmet, recognized by several awards. Indeed, it folds in 3 seconds once you have arrived at your destination without any compromise on comfort and safety since this retractable bicycle helmet meets the European standard CE EN1078 mandatory for all bicycle helmets.


Our helmets are of increasing interest to professionals who are ambitious to add safety solutions to their offerings. Like the electric scooter operator TIER, which now equips its machines with our retractable helmet PLIXI FIT.

Overade has designed a simple and intuitive solution to simplify the handling of the PLIXI FIT folding helmet during the rental phase of an e-scooter. The compactness of the helmet, once folded, allows storage in a box interfaced with the rental application of the electric scooter.

This deployment with a major player in sustainable mobility services is a major step forward for the protection of scooter users. 

Overade is available to all operators or local authorities wishing to offer a secure, simple and reliable solution for their free-floating offer for electric bikes and scooters. 

Do not hesitate to fill in the form, we will contact you as soon as possible!

1. David Belliard, Vice Mayor, Ville de Paris

2. Alice Nicollet, Vice Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Ville de Paris

3. Ross Douglas, Founder and CEO, Autonomy Paris

4. Carolina Cominotti, Head of Partnerships, Autonomy Paris

5. Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, POLIS

6. Ivo Cré, Director of Policy and Projects, POLIS

7. Manuela Lopez Menendez, Secretary, City of Buenos Aires

8. Dino Buzzi, Advisor to Manuela Lopez Menendez, City of Buenos Aires

9. Maína Celidonio, Secretary, City of Rio de Janeiro

10. Simone Costa, Advisor to Maína Celidonio, City of Rio de Janeiro

11. Elke Zimmer, State Secretary, Region of Baden-Württemberg

12. Daniel Belling, Advisor to Elke Zimmer, Region of Baden-Württemberg

13. Janet Sanz Cid, Deputy Mayor, City of Barcelona

14. Alícia Puig Fernández, Advisor to Janet Sanz, City of Barcelona

15. Xavier Matilla Ayala, Chief Architect, City of Barcelona

16. Nora Abete, Deputy Mayor, City of Bilbao

17. Nélida Santos, Advisor to Nora Abete, City of Bilbao

18. Elke van den Brandt, Minister for Mobility, Brussels Capital Region

19. Stefan Vandehende, Advisor to Elke van den Brandt, Brussels Capital Region

20. Marie Thibaut de Maisieeres, Advisor to Elke van den Brandt, Brussels Capital Region

21. Samu Márton Balogh, Mayor’s Chief of Staff, City of Budapest

22. Piotr Grzybowski, Vice-Mayor, City of Czestochowa

23. Joanna Holi-Sosnowska, Advisor to Piotr Grzybowski, City of Czestochowa

24. Susanna Caliendo, Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain

25. Ann Plas, Vice-Mayor’s Chief of Staff, City of Ghent

List of elected officials present at the Parisian bike ride :






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